Long Odds Limited

The Long March
Are we there yet!

Long Odds Limited, having survived their experience in Ebberon, returned to the normal world with a few questions….questions that could not be easily answered. They forged ever onward, continuing their quest to gather soldiers to reinforce the Nightwatch.

Their first order of business was to visit Kings Landing, in order to meet Robert Baratheon, the king. While he could not compel the noble houses to field their troops, he could lead by example and make it an expectation that they would do so. The adventuring company had an unexpected break, in that the King readily sent his troops to reinforce the wall, despite the misgivings of his wife, Cersei Lannister. The group then explored the town, meeting the High Septon and the Grand Mages. The party, in its travels, also solved what originally appeared to be a murder. On their way back to the Tower of the Mages, the party heard screams, and a group fleeing the tower in red cloaks. Racing to the rescue, the party noticed that the tower’s symbolic chain was missing, and upon entering the tower, they were attacked by some sort of posessed mages. After securing the lower floors, they met up with the Grand Mages, who told them that somehow, demons had broken into this world, possessed a great many mages, and seemed to have affected the Chain of Knowledge. The party then proceeded to the depths of the tower, and battled the Possessed Chains, finally securing the tower. While the Maesters had taken shocking casulties, due to the party’s actions, some yet lived. The party learned from the Grand Maesters (the surviving ones, anyways) that Namith Crodale, a missing party memeber, was most likely being held by House Vol, to the south.

The adventuring company promptly sets out, headed for House Vol, determined to liberate their friend and do whatever damage possible to this House known for its usage of the dark arts. After arriving, the group met Lord Vol, and had a remarkably civil discussion with him. Ultimately, nothing came of that conversation. House Vol was unwilling to aid the Nightwatch, and the group was unable to convince them otherwise. The party then rested up and began searching for weaknesses in the castle of House Vol. As they searched, Jastin Mereel arrived and gave them some information about the layout of House Vol. She said she had been sent by one Drenle Sureth, and he wished to meet with them when a chance arose. The party seduced a guard in a bar, took his uniform once he was drunk, and prepared to infiltrate the castle. They started if off by placing a few firebombs in strategic locations, and had Arya Stark take another firebomb to cause as much havok as possible. The party infiltrated the dungeon, and battled a creature known only as The Nilbog. After escaping it, and recouperating in a prison cell, they forged onward, knowing they they were now on the clock. A few of the prisoners were released with weapons, and directions out of the dungeon. The party found the chamber holding Namith, and began to fight desperately to free him and escape. Moments before they finished off the last guards in the room, one of them threw the kill switch. As the party crushed one of the remaining guards, the door to Namiths chamber suddenly blew off its hinges in a cloud of red mist, and Namith strode forth. The guards looked stunned, for they knew he had been killed by the various devices in the chamber, yet here he stood. The party finished off the last guard, and then began to drag Namith’s battered body towards the exit. On the way out, they tore through a squad of House Vol heavy soldiers, and just as they got to the exit, Lord Vol and two of his bodyguards arrived. After a fierce struggle, Beseath fell, and Lord Vol drove both of his blades into his heart. Moments after, Namith regained conciousness and impaled Lord Vol on Beseaths spear, killing him, finishing what he had started years ago. The party escaped the dungeon to find the castle in flames, Arya Stark looking extremely pleased and Jasin Mereel taking down passing soldiers with her crossbow. The party exited the castle, where Jastin had wagon ready to carry the party out of the city. Beseath was taken to a weirwood tree several miles outside of town and resurected by Caewin, with the assistance of Lia, who summoned The Guide. The party then set out to meet with Drenle Sureth, at Casterly Rock, the home of House Lannister.

Or mabye we're just on Vacation?
Save the ship, lose the book, and hunt an Elf all in the same day.

After a delightful banquet, and the introduction of Chaas Ambry, the party found themselves traveling through the Blind Eternities once more. Beseath was unfortunately left behind for reasons unknown, but the group managed to find their way to Sharn, the City of Towers, in the expanse of Chaos…

Upon landing in the world of Eberron, the group was approached by Bulwark, an ancient being that had detected something familiar about Lia. Deciding to let the creature tag along for the time being, the group managed to snag a newspaper from a Gnome and read up on the local news. Several events caught their eye, including the launching of the Pride of Siberys –an Elemental Airship built by House Cannith– and the Carnival of Shadow which was performing that very evening. Seeing that they had ample time to wander, they decided to try and find a quick bit of work for the Sharn Inquisitive.

Meeting Largen, a rather drunken editor for the Sharn Inquisitive, the party was forced to endure his ranting and raving until he finally released them with a mission to find out what the real purpose of the Shadow Carnival was. Caewen, wanting to find out more about the world the group had found itself in, demanded a trip to Morgrave University. The party made off with several books while there, including an abridged history of Eberron.

Making the trip into Upper Central, the party was on its way to see the launching of House Cannith’s first Elemental Airship when Gagen noticed a disturbance down an alleyway. Seeing a group of Half-elves in House Cannith garb emerging from said alleyway, Gagen notified the group that something was rotten in Khyber and asked for them to investigate. Much to their dismay, the party discovered that several Cannith Magewrights had been knocked unconscious. Caewen managed to awaken one of them, who immediately dragged the group through the guards and into the dock where the Pride of Siberys was docked. Chaas, finding a bomb attached to the back of the airship, quickly went to work disarming the bomb as the rest of the party fended off a strike from the disguised group of half-elves that had planted the bomb. Chaas, doing his best to disarm the bomb, unfortunately tripped one of the capacitors and set off a chain reaction in the bomb. Thinking quickly, he shunted the brunt of the energy directly toward him, negating much of the force but also burning himself and two of his companions heavily…

The sound of the explosion rocking the dock was enough to draw the attention of everyone on the airship, including the forty Warforged guards that were aboard. Of the remaining saboteurs, one cooked himself with his own lightning spell while the rest tried to escape but were struck down. With a word of thanks from Merrix d’Cannith, the group was happy to move on. Chaas, who entered into a prolonged discussion with Merrix, stayed behind on the airship as it departed for its maiden voyage.

After visiting the Elvish community and doing a good bit of shopping and bar hopping in Middle Menthis, the party suddenly found themselves in possession of an extremely dangerous artifact. Upon seeing not just one but two groups peering at them from another level of the city, Lia decide that immediately running for the nearest Sky Coach and wooing the driver was the best option. The wooing aspect went perfectly well, lowering the price of the group’s travel to just 40 GP with only a hint of flirting. Unfortunately, the assassins that were chasing them had means of flight all their own, and began boarding the Sky Coach. Through the acts of Gagen and Caewen, one of the attackers failed to make it to the boat, while Bulwark and Bartholomew made short work of all the other boarders. Unfortunately, their pilot was killed amidst their battles, forcing Gagen to take the wheel.

Roughly landing the Sky Coach, the party made it to Morgrave university in time for the City Watch to try and apprehend them. A Dwarf dressed in rather fancy clothing, wearing eight silver rings upon his hands, and wielding a gem-studded hammer paid off the watch and led the party into the University’s grounds. Caewen immediately became distrustful of the Dwarf, while Gagen heard the sounds of armor and weapons being readied around them. Taking the initiative, the Elven archer slammed an arrow home on the Dwarf, and the melee was on. Unfortunately, the Dwarf knew several dominating incantations and immediately subverted Bartholomew, who was carrying the case…

To say that this was a bad thing would be putting it lightly.

With the case in hand, the Dwarf violently opened it, earning him a death that he probably richly deserved. The Aberrant creature within the book left the Dwarf and his henchmen as little more than bloody smears and scattered, mangled bones and flesh. It also sapped the strength of the party upon its departure, leaving them gasping for breath as they recovered…

After recovering their purchases, the group made their way to the Carnival of Shadows. Bartholomew and Lia, thinking quickly, dressed the Warforged in the House Cannith Robes the party had “liberated” and bluffed their way into the performance as elites, while the rest of the party took the nosebleed seats. After a wonderful beginning to the performance Gagen was suddenly kissed on the ear by Savine Phiarlan, the leader of the Carnival. Having snuck up on the unsuspecting Elf, she enticed him to come and meet her, along with the rest of the party. Sensing a chance to learn what they needed to know, Gagen quickly alerted the others and gave chase to the fleet footed woman. Encountering her students, the group was forced to put up a fight against them until Savine called them off, angry that her students had attacked the party.

Apologizing for their rudeness, Savine invited Gagen to a hunt within the city, with her as his quarry. Though the two went at it for a good while, eventually Savine made a dash for Gagen when she felt she was starting to push her luck and successfully knocked him out. Tending to his wounds and confirming her theory, Savine explained the purpose of the Shadow Carnival to Gagen and exposed his slowly developing Dragon Mark. Offering him a position in the troupe if here were ever to return, the group headed back to the show with Gagen in a daze.

Sensing that their time in Eberron was at an end, Lia snuck out of the performance to speak with Bulwark… but their conversation was suddenly cut off when the party was ripped from their place in Eberron and flung back into Westeros.

“So much for THAT vacation… Ugh.”

Loot —
  • Level 12 Exodus Knife (Paragon Tier) – Party decision, unavailable until level 9.
  • Level 6 Iron Armbands of Power – Bartholomew ‘Bangada’ Bronzenoggin
  • Level 9 Staff of Iron Infusion –Chaas Ambry
  • Level 11 Shadowdancer’s Gloves (Paragon Tier) –Gagen Nailo
  • House Cannith emblem
  • House Phiarlan emblem
  • House Cannith Robes
  • 1,535 XP gain per party member.
Story Rewards—
  • While in Eberron, the party may present the emblem of House Cannith for a 30% discount on Magical Items.
  • While in Eberron, Gagen gains a Dragonmark of Shadow for story purposes only. Cannot be used as the feat version unless taken at a later level.
  • While in Eberron, the party has a 2% chance of being attacked by Aberrant creatures at random.

Party’s total cash after expenses: 4,723 GP

Missed— 410 XP was missed for failing the encounter at Morgrave Univiersity, as was one Magic Item.

" *True* Winter"?

After venturing several chambers into the Stark family crypt, the adventuring company rapidly ran into a snag. The party was in dire straights, and Beseath stood a fair chance of perishing. Lia Nailo acted quickly, praying to an old friend. While The Guide was unable to assist in person, moments later Eddard Stark came charging into the room. Eddard quickly slew one of the remaining foes, covering Beseath while he recovered. The party and Eddard then moved on to the Hall of Kings, where every leader of House Stark is laid to rest. As the entered, Eddard realized that the undead now facing them was Bran Stark, the founder of House Stark and the namesake of Eddard’s youngest child. After a terrible battle, in which Gagen was pulled into a spiritual iron maiden, Bran Stark finally was freed of whatever evil had controlled him. Before his spirit slipped back to where it came from, it whispered in a hoarse voice “TRUE WINTER IS COMING!”. After this, he fell to the ground.

Emerging from the dank crypt, the party was faced by an impressive collection of House Stark soldiers. Moments later, it seemed like victory would be snatched from them as three undead attacked Arya Stark. She promptly slew two of them, and her Direwolf destroyed the last. She begged her father to allow her to join the party in some way, as she was very impressed with Lia Nailo and Caewin Earyende. The party accepted, and was given the old and noble Hall of the Nine Northmen. Inside, they discovered a map of the realm, many tomes of ancient history, and an ancient weapons locker with items they have yet to identify. The party also recieved steeds from House Stark, as gifts for their service. The party also recieved the aid of the Winterfell chief mason, who has offered to do some renovations to the Hall of the Nine Northmen.

Southward Bound
At least its warmer.....

After grieving for their lost friend Padraig, the party was called to the chambers of the Lord Commander of the Nightwatch. He told the party, rather bluntly, that if the wall was not reinforced with troops, it was improbable that the Black Wall would be able to withstand the coming Orc assault. He asked the party to do what they could to bring soldiers to the wall and find people who were capable of scouting out the Orcish advance and disrupting their supply lines. The more benevolent members of the party imediately agreed to assit with their plight, while those less philanthropic agreed to help likely out of a realization that an Orcish invasion would not help them gain personal wealth. The party headed south at a rapid pace, arriving at Winterfell castle, the seat of House Stark.

There, they heard exagerated tales of their exploits, and met Eddard Stark. Their audiece was cut short by a commotion in the courtyard. Eddard Stark flew from the room, shaking in rage, and the party followed closely on his heals. When the emerged upon the courtyard, they saw a scene straight out of the apocolypse: undead soldiers, battling fiercely with House Stark guards. Eddard Stark charged into battle, slaying a several of the undead before other guards arrived to push the undead back from whence they came. As Long Odds Limited approached, Lord Stark turned and stated, with rage evident on his face, “This is the crypt of House Stark.” He seemed torn between his desire to lay back to rest his ancestors and defending his people. Seeing his dilemma, the party offered to clear out the crypt while he defended his people. After an apraising look at the party, he wishes them luck, and begins to marshal his troops to verify the towns safety while directing troops to form a cordon arround any possible exits from the crypt.

To be continued…..

Sleeping Awake? 12/21/09
We aren't in Kansas anymore.

Tired and emotionally exhausted from the loss of Padraig, the party went to sleep expecting the warm embrace of their beds… but instead got a face full of tree moss. Counting their numbers, the group found that Beseath had been left behind in whatever wierdness now held sway over their group.

Somehow, a giant avatar of the world had summoned them across time and space to the plane of Zendikar, of Magic the Gathering fame. The World Queller, explaining that it needed a group of heroes who could trust eachother, instructed the party to seek out a Hedron to the West. Their quest was to rescue a young Planeswalker who had found himself posessed by a powerful Vampire. Though the party had a few minor setbacks during their travel, they successfully reached the ancient Hedron. Barth, somehow in tune with the massive artifact, managed to open several doors and activate a portal to Emeria, the Sky Ruin.

Appearing on the outskirts of the bath house, the group made their way through hallways filled with traps and the living dead before encountering one Chass Ambry -an Artificer of no small talent who joined the party for the duration of the quest. Encountering a trio of Vampires that had freshly feasted on an adventurer, the party tried to talk their way out of a fight and failed. Insults and wounds were traded between the female members of the party and the vampire’s female leader, the latter of which fell to an arrow from Gagen. After a threat from Lia, one Vampire retreated, while the other one went into a blood rage from seeing his mate slain. Lia backed up her threats with action, punching out the remaining Vampire and knocking a tooth loose before the rest of the party could finish him off.

After making their way into the bath house proper, the party met face to face with Sorin Malkov, who held Jace Beleren, The Mind Shaper, under his sway. Battling against a dominated Planeswalker was not easy, even though Jace was desperately trying to hold his power back, but the party eventually snapped him out of his daze.

After being thrown through time and space once more, the party found themselves without their Artificer friend and half-buried in snow. Upon getting up, they were immediately assualted by a goblin who came at them, shouting, “SEASON’S BEATINGS!” Gagen easily punched the goblin in the face, who proceeded to roll around in the snow laughing.

Encountering Solbad, another goblin who at least seemed half-sane, Lia helped him create what was supposed to be the perfect holiday messanger. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a Fruitcake Elemental that attempted to eat the party. They awoke in their beds instead, wondering what the heck all of the above was about.

The History as of 12/18/09
This is how we got here?


The story of Long Odds Limited begins in a quaint village far the the south of the wall. There, a wizard named Sigfreud and his Warforged companion Bartholomew “Bangada” Bronzenoggin (who from here on out will be refered to as Barth) found themselves drawn into a crisis as Kobolds raid their village, kidnapping several of the townspeople before returning to their mountain hide-away. The two adventureres quickly realized that it was up to them to save the day, since everybody else was cowering or drunk under the tables of the tavern.

Upon breaching the Kobold’s cave, the two discovered a tomb sealed by a legion of Dragonborn centuries ago; the grave of an ancient Red Dragon. The Kobolds, which were a cult trying to resurrect the Dragon through human sacrafices, were soundly beaten by the pair. Unfortunately, the tomb was opened, which would have dire consequences in the future.

A week later, a Cleric of Ioun named Caewen met with Sigfreud and Barth in the middle of a forest, all of whom had sense a necromantic energy pulse from the mountains nearby and came to investigate the local disturbances. Discovering a crypt beneath the forest, the trio battled a mob of undead in their attempt to rid the area of danger. After a few prayers to the Raven Queen and defeating a large Mummy, the group returned to the Kobold’s keep to investigate the source of the necromancy, only to discover the Dragon had risen from its grave and blasted out of the mountain. Certain that it was headed north, the group proceded to give chase and encountered a member of the Night’s Watch, who offered them work at the wall. Seeing a chance to get after the dragon faster and with more help, they immediately accepted.

Joined by Lia and Gagen Nailo, a Bard and a Ranger respectively, the group did battle with a contingent of goblins who had been raiding local villages. A chance encounter with a Swordmage named Namith Crodale brought another member to the party, who quickly replaced Sigfreud after the latter accepted a permanant position on the wall.

Dealing with a cult to the South of the Wall and a hobgoblin infestation to the North, the group discovered an entrance to the Underdark, which was flooding the area with undead horrors. Reporting their find, the group was ordered to plung into the Underdark and hold off the horrors below until reinforcements could come and begin sealing the cavern. While there, they were harried by both a swarm of Kruthiks and a mysterious Assasin who seemed intent on killing them. Barely surviving the two fanged assault, the group started to make their way back to the surface, only for the Assasin to grab Namith and pull him into the shadows, teleporting them away from the group. Namith’s fate is currently unknown.

Saddened by the loss of their friend, LOL trudged back to the wall just in time for a company of Eladrin and Elvish soldiers to approach the wall, lead by the Warlord Beseath. Hailing the keep and inquiring as to the whereabouts of his blood brother and friend Namith, Beseath was shocked to learn that he had been taken and immediately swore vengance, joning the party much to the delight of Lia Nailo. Beseath, not being the sharpest tool in the shed when it came to recognizing deception in interpersonal relationships, completely missed that she was a Changling and is currently infatuated with her. Considering that most Elvish people consider Changlings to be monsters instead of people, this is going to cause friction down the road to say the least.

After LOL had reseted, they were sent out to investigate a river suddenly drying up to the South. Joined by the Paladin Padraig, who helped cover the temporary loss of Lia, LOL entered the town with confidence. The town depending on the river for its survival had a few problems of its own that the group helped with, but eventually they made their way up-river, discovering an ancient Dwarven temple. Passing through several traps and puzzles, the team discovered that the water flow had been stopped because a creature had subjigated the river’s spirit, which took the form of a beautiful maiden. After releasing her and re-assembling her artifact, the river swelled once again and the town was saved.

During all of this however, the Wall had been preparing for an expedition to the North. All the activity had made the Lord High Commander worry, and so several units would march to the North around the mountains, while LOL would go over them and through the abandoned pass. With Lia rejoining the group, Padraig returned to his own unit which would be heading around the East side of the mountain.

It was a sound plan, until LOL discovered that an army of Orcs had amassed to the north of the mountain and that their allies were going to walk right into them. In addition, Gagen discovered that the Assassin who had kidnapped Namith was in league with the Orcs, and was in fact delivering them instructions…

After unfortunately being discovered by the Orcs, the group held the mountain pass while Lia prepared a signal that would warn the other units. Once the flare was sent up, LOL was forced to retreat from the Orc Horde, lead by a barbarian who easily stood toe to toe with the combined might of Beseath and Barth. Seeing a need for retreat, the group made for a frozen river and broke through it, trying to ride the freezing waters down the mountain. Unfortunately, that very river actually ran through the mountain instead of down it. After being dumped out of the river in a cave, the group navigated toward the surface. After being ambushed by an Ooze, the group was forced to choose between two paths. Deciding to take the lower path after sensing fresh air from it and assuming that the cavern was in the middle of the mountain instead of below it, LOL charged forward, only to find the treasure horde of a young blue dragon, and said dragon was not happy to have visitors. Luckily, the party was able to negotiate their way out of the cavern, only to find Padraig and the Orc Barbarian in fierce combat. Padraig, unfortunately, was gravely wounded after taking out one of the Orc’s eyes.

After dealing with the last of the Orcs, the group did their very best to keep Padraig alive as they made their way back to the wall. Unfortunately, after they arrived safely at the wall, Padraig only lasted a day before his life gave out. His body was sealed in an ice block, in full battle dress, and put into the Wall itself. Mysteriously, both his weapons and his armor disappeared soon after…

You see nothing.



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