Long Odds Limited

" *True* Winter"?

After venturing several chambers into the Stark family crypt, the adventuring company rapidly ran into a snag. The party was in dire straights, and Beseath stood a fair chance of perishing. Lia Nailo acted quickly, praying to an old friend. While The Guide was unable to assist in person, moments later Eddard Stark came charging into the room. Eddard quickly slew one of the remaining foes, covering Beseath while he recovered. The party and Eddard then moved on to the Hall of Kings, where every leader of House Stark is laid to rest. As the entered, Eddard realized that the undead now facing them was Bran Stark, the founder of House Stark and the namesake of Eddard’s youngest child. After a terrible battle, in which Gagen was pulled into a spiritual iron maiden, Bran Stark finally was freed of whatever evil had controlled him. Before his spirit slipped back to where it came from, it whispered in a hoarse voice “TRUE WINTER IS COMING!”. After this, he fell to the ground.

Emerging from the dank crypt, the party was faced by an impressive collection of House Stark soldiers. Moments later, it seemed like victory would be snatched from them as three undead attacked Arya Stark. She promptly slew two of them, and her Direwolf destroyed the last. She begged her father to allow her to join the party in some way, as she was very impressed with Lia Nailo and Caewin Earyende. The party accepted, and was given the old and noble Hall of the Nine Northmen. Inside, they discovered a map of the realm, many tomes of ancient history, and an ancient weapons locker with items they have yet to identify. The party also recieved steeds from House Stark, as gifts for their service. The party also recieved the aid of the Winterfell chief mason, who has offered to do some renovations to the Hall of the Nine Northmen.


No boat, so no song unfortunately. Speaking of which, I need to find that shirt for Katie…

" *True* Winter"?

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