Long Odds Limited

The History as of 12/18/09

This is how we got here?


The story of Long Odds Limited begins in a quaint village far the the south of the wall. There, a wizard named Sigfreud and his Warforged companion Bartholomew “Bangada” Bronzenoggin (who from here on out will be refered to as Barth) found themselves drawn into a crisis as Kobolds raid their village, kidnapping several of the townspeople before returning to their mountain hide-away. The two adventureres quickly realized that it was up to them to save the day, since everybody else was cowering or drunk under the tables of the tavern.

Upon breaching the Kobold’s cave, the two discovered a tomb sealed by a legion of Dragonborn centuries ago; the grave of an ancient Red Dragon. The Kobolds, which were a cult trying to resurrect the Dragon through human sacrafices, were soundly beaten by the pair. Unfortunately, the tomb was opened, which would have dire consequences in the future.

A week later, a Cleric of Ioun named Caewen met with Sigfreud and Barth in the middle of a forest, all of whom had sense a necromantic energy pulse from the mountains nearby and came to investigate the local disturbances. Discovering a crypt beneath the forest, the trio battled a mob of undead in their attempt to rid the area of danger. After a few prayers to the Raven Queen and defeating a large Mummy, the group returned to the Kobold’s keep to investigate the source of the necromancy, only to discover the Dragon had risen from its grave and blasted out of the mountain. Certain that it was headed north, the group proceded to give chase and encountered a member of the Night’s Watch, who offered them work at the wall. Seeing a chance to get after the dragon faster and with more help, they immediately accepted.

Joined by Lia and Gagen Nailo, a Bard and a Ranger respectively, the group did battle with a contingent of goblins who had been raiding local villages. A chance encounter with a Swordmage named Namith Crodale brought another member to the party, who quickly replaced Sigfreud after the latter accepted a permanant position on the wall.

Dealing with a cult to the South of the Wall and a hobgoblin infestation to the North, the group discovered an entrance to the Underdark, which was flooding the area with undead horrors. Reporting their find, the group was ordered to plung into the Underdark and hold off the horrors below until reinforcements could come and begin sealing the cavern. While there, they were harried by both a swarm of Kruthiks and a mysterious Assasin who seemed intent on killing them. Barely surviving the two fanged assault, the group started to make their way back to the surface, only for the Assasin to grab Namith and pull him into the shadows, teleporting them away from the group. Namith’s fate is currently unknown.

Saddened by the loss of their friend, LOL trudged back to the wall just in time for a company of Eladrin and Elvish soldiers to approach the wall, lead by the Warlord Beseath. Hailing the keep and inquiring as to the whereabouts of his blood brother and friend Namith, Beseath was shocked to learn that he had been taken and immediately swore vengance, joning the party much to the delight of Lia Nailo. Beseath, not being the sharpest tool in the shed when it came to recognizing deception in interpersonal relationships, completely missed that she was a Changling and is currently infatuated with her. Considering that most Elvish people consider Changlings to be monsters instead of people, this is going to cause friction down the road to say the least.

After LOL had reseted, they were sent out to investigate a river suddenly drying up to the South. Joined by the Paladin Padraig, who helped cover the temporary loss of Lia, LOL entered the town with confidence. The town depending on the river for its survival had a few problems of its own that the group helped with, but eventually they made their way up-river, discovering an ancient Dwarven temple. Passing through several traps and puzzles, the team discovered that the water flow had been stopped because a creature had subjigated the river’s spirit, which took the form of a beautiful maiden. After releasing her and re-assembling her artifact, the river swelled once again and the town was saved.

During all of this however, the Wall had been preparing for an expedition to the North. All the activity had made the Lord High Commander worry, and so several units would march to the North around the mountains, while LOL would go over them and through the abandoned pass. With Lia rejoining the group, Padraig returned to his own unit which would be heading around the East side of the mountain.

It was a sound plan, until LOL discovered that an army of Orcs had amassed to the north of the mountain and that their allies were going to walk right into them. In addition, Gagen discovered that the Assassin who had kidnapped Namith was in league with the Orcs, and was in fact delivering them instructions…

After unfortunately being discovered by the Orcs, the group held the mountain pass while Lia prepared a signal that would warn the other units. Once the flare was sent up, LOL was forced to retreat from the Orc Horde, lead by a barbarian who easily stood toe to toe with the combined might of Beseath and Barth. Seeing a need for retreat, the group made for a frozen river and broke through it, trying to ride the freezing waters down the mountain. Unfortunately, that very river actually ran through the mountain instead of down it. After being dumped out of the river in a cave, the group navigated toward the surface. After being ambushed by an Ooze, the group was forced to choose between two paths. Deciding to take the lower path after sensing fresh air from it and assuming that the cavern was in the middle of the mountain instead of below it, LOL charged forward, only to find the treasure horde of a young blue dragon, and said dragon was not happy to have visitors. Luckily, the party was able to negotiate their way out of the cavern, only to find Padraig and the Orc Barbarian in fierce combat. Padraig, unfortunately, was gravely wounded after taking out one of the Orc’s eyes.

After dealing with the last of the Orcs, the group did their very best to keep Padraig alive as they made their way back to the wall. Unfortunately, after they arrived safely at the wall, Padraig only lasted a day before his life gave out. His body was sealed in an ice block, in full battle dress, and put into the Wall itself. Mysteriously, both his weapons and his armor disappeared soon after…



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