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Sleeping Awake? 12/21/09

We aren't in Kansas anymore.

Tired and emotionally exhausted from the loss of Padraig, the party went to sleep expecting the warm embrace of their beds… but instead got a face full of tree moss. Counting their numbers, the group found that Beseath had been left behind in whatever wierdness now held sway over their group.

Somehow, a giant avatar of the world had summoned them across time and space to the plane of Zendikar, of Magic the Gathering fame. The World Queller, explaining that it needed a group of heroes who could trust eachother, instructed the party to seek out a Hedron to the West. Their quest was to rescue a young Planeswalker who had found himself posessed by a powerful Vampire. Though the party had a few minor setbacks during their travel, they successfully reached the ancient Hedron. Barth, somehow in tune with the massive artifact, managed to open several doors and activate a portal to Emeria, the Sky Ruin.

Appearing on the outskirts of the bath house, the group made their way through hallways filled with traps and the living dead before encountering one Chass Ambry -an Artificer of no small talent who joined the party for the duration of the quest. Encountering a trio of Vampires that had freshly feasted on an adventurer, the party tried to talk their way out of a fight and failed. Insults and wounds were traded between the female members of the party and the vampire’s female leader, the latter of which fell to an arrow from Gagen. After a threat from Lia, one Vampire retreated, while the other one went into a blood rage from seeing his mate slain. Lia backed up her threats with action, punching out the remaining Vampire and knocking a tooth loose before the rest of the party could finish him off.

After making their way into the bath house proper, the party met face to face with Sorin Malkov, who held Jace Beleren, The Mind Shaper, under his sway. Battling against a dominated Planeswalker was not easy, even though Jace was desperately trying to hold his power back, but the party eventually snapped him out of his daze.

After being thrown through time and space once more, the party found themselves without their Artificer friend and half-buried in snow. Upon getting up, they were immediately assualted by a goblin who came at them, shouting, “SEASON’S BEATINGS!” Gagen easily punched the goblin in the face, who proceeded to roll around in the snow laughing.

Encountering Solbad, another goblin who at least seemed half-sane, Lia helped him create what was supposed to be the perfect holiday messanger. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a Fruitcake Elemental that attempted to eat the party. They awoke in their beds instead, wondering what the heck all of the above was about.


I can attest, that was one strange dream.

Sleeping Awake? 12/21/09

Yes. lol

Sleeping Awake? 12/21/09

writing a ballad about it now. A bard’s work never stops… Hey, Caewen, seems he forgot to mention our bath….

Sleeping Awake? 12/21/09

Great writing, btw.

Sleeping Awake? 12/21/09

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