Long Odds Limited

The Long March

Are we there yet!

Long Odds Limited, having survived their experience in Ebberon, returned to the normal world with a few questions….questions that could not be easily answered. They forged ever onward, continuing their quest to gather soldiers to reinforce the Nightwatch.

Their first order of business was to visit Kings Landing, in order to meet Robert Baratheon, the king. While he could not compel the noble houses to field their troops, he could lead by example and make it an expectation that they would do so. The adventuring company had an unexpected break, in that the King readily sent his troops to reinforce the wall, despite the misgivings of his wife, Cersei Lannister. The group then explored the town, meeting the High Septon and the Grand Mages. The party, in its travels, also solved what originally appeared to be a murder. On their way back to the Tower of the Mages, the party heard screams, and a group fleeing the tower in red cloaks. Racing to the rescue, the party noticed that the tower’s symbolic chain was missing, and upon entering the tower, they were attacked by some sort of posessed mages. After securing the lower floors, they met up with the Grand Mages, who told them that somehow, demons had broken into this world, possessed a great many mages, and seemed to have affected the Chain of Knowledge. The party then proceeded to the depths of the tower, and battled the Possessed Chains, finally securing the tower. While the Maesters had taken shocking casulties, due to the party’s actions, some yet lived. The party learned from the Grand Maesters (the surviving ones, anyways) that Namith Crodale, a missing party memeber, was most likely being held by House Vol, to the south.

The adventuring company promptly sets out, headed for House Vol, determined to liberate their friend and do whatever damage possible to this House known for its usage of the dark arts. After arriving, the group met Lord Vol, and had a remarkably civil discussion with him. Ultimately, nothing came of that conversation. House Vol was unwilling to aid the Nightwatch, and the group was unable to convince them otherwise. The party then rested up and began searching for weaknesses in the castle of House Vol. As they searched, Jastin Mereel arrived and gave them some information about the layout of House Vol. She said she had been sent by one Drenle Sureth, and he wished to meet with them when a chance arose. The party seduced a guard in a bar, took his uniform once he was drunk, and prepared to infiltrate the castle. They started if off by placing a few firebombs in strategic locations, and had Arya Stark take another firebomb to cause as much havok as possible. The party infiltrated the dungeon, and battled a creature known only as The Nilbog. After escaping it, and recouperating in a prison cell, they forged onward, knowing they they were now on the clock. A few of the prisoners were released with weapons, and directions out of the dungeon. The party found the chamber holding Namith, and began to fight desperately to free him and escape. Moments before they finished off the last guards in the room, one of them threw the kill switch. As the party crushed one of the remaining guards, the door to Namiths chamber suddenly blew off its hinges in a cloud of red mist, and Namith strode forth. The guards looked stunned, for they knew he had been killed by the various devices in the chamber, yet here he stood. The party finished off the last guard, and then began to drag Namith’s battered body towards the exit. On the way out, they tore through a squad of House Vol heavy soldiers, and just as they got to the exit, Lord Vol and two of his bodyguards arrived. After a fierce struggle, Beseath fell, and Lord Vol drove both of his blades into his heart. Moments after, Namith regained conciousness and impaled Lord Vol on Beseaths spear, killing him, finishing what he had started years ago. The party escaped the dungeon to find the castle in flames, Arya Stark looking extremely pleased and Jasin Mereel taking down passing soldiers with her crossbow. The party exited the castle, where Jastin had wagon ready to carry the party out of the city. Beseath was taken to a weirwood tree several miles outside of town and resurected by Caewin, with the assistance of Lia, who summoned The Guide. The party then set out to meet with Drenle Sureth, at Casterly Rock, the home of House Lannister.



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