Padraig, the half elf paladin assisted the party briefly in a liason position when they dealt with a situation south of the wall. A lasting friendship was made with Caewin the cleric, as the two debated over religion. Padraig was fascinated with all things Dwarvish, and worshiped Moradin with all his might. Considering the defense of others to be the highest calling, he joined the Nightwatch and fought with a pair of magically enchanted throwing shields.

Upon his return to the Black Wall, he was put in command of a detachment of troops on a scouting expedition. Wishing his friends well, he walked off into the wilderness. The party prevented him from encountering an orcish ambush on this scouting mission. The party fled an orcish war party after warning Padraig, a war party that went down a different tunnel in the mountains. While the party dealt with an unexpected encounter with a Dragon, the orcs ran into Padraig, who proceeded to lead a valiant fight against them. Despite 3 to 1 odds, the 20 members of Padraig’s scouting party decimated many of the Orcs finer troops and badly wounded Treshtog, the leader of the war party. Padraig fell in combat, and warned his friends of a few last orcs with what he thought was his last breath. He had not counted on the very capable cleric, Caewin, healing his drastic wound.

The party managed to get Padraig across a weeks worth of abandoned wasteland alive, but he was slowly fading away. The Nightwatch met the party as they aproached the wall, and took Padraig into their care. He lasted several days before finally falling to the infection that had coursed through his body from his grievous wound. After a military funeral, Caewin, who had been closest to Padraig in life, noted that his armor and trademark throwing shields were missing from his body, while the ice covering him was undisturbed. The implications of this are unknown.


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