Bartholomew 'Bangada' Bronzenoggin

"Got a can of WD-40 around here?"


Class: Fighter

Alignment: Good

Deity: Kord/The Warrior

HP: 80

Surges: 13

  • Speed: 5
  • Initiative: +9
  • Perception: +6
  • Insight: +6
  • STR: 20
  • CON: 18
  • DEX: 12
  • INT: 8
  • WIS: 14
  • CHA: 10

Weapons: Magic Execution Axe +2, Hand Axe (4)

Armor: Vitality Drakescale Armor +2, Horned Helm (Heroic Tier), Amulate of Protection +1


Bartholomew Bronzenoggin is a walking incarnation of war. Built for the sole purpose of battle, Bartholomew first awoke in the southern portion of Westeros, in ancient ruins that were on the verge of collapse.

With what limited intelligence the Warforged had, he managed to climb out of the ruins and on to the surface of the world, only to find a Wizard named Sigfreud tormenting sheep nearby with a lightning spell. While by no means a conversationalist, the two managed to form something like a friendship between scaring the sheep with lightning and terribly intimidating eyebeams. Naming the metal man after an old acquaitance, Bartholomew was introduced to the village with quite a bit of terrified screaming.

Questions on Bronzenoggin’s origins are currently unanswerable, as the ruins he climbed out of had been throughly searched years before, and a repeat inspection by local government turned up no new chambers. The alloy his body is composed of is unknown to many metallurgists, while Sigfreud has simply nicknamed it ‘Darksteel.’ His attempts to replicate it have all failed.

Bartholomew 'Bangada' Bronzenoggin

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