Namith Crodale

A broken heart with several sharp edges. Currently MIA.


Class: Swordmage, multiclass Wizard

Alignment: Good

Deity: The Raven Queen

HP: ?

Surges: ?

  • Speed: 6
  • Initiative: +?
  • Perception: +?
  • Insight: +?
  • STR: ?
  • CON: ?
  • DEX: ?
  • INT: ?
  • WIS: ?
  • CHA: ?

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Namith was an Orphan, living in the streets of a small village and barely getting by before a member of the Eldrich Knights took him in. Dathel Crodale, an elite Swordmage, happened to be traveling through the area and took the boy under his tutalage after Namith accidentally activated several of his spells. Knowing that the boy had a head for magic, Dathel introduced him to many styles of arcane study; Artificers, Wizards, Sorcerers and even Bards shook hands with him as Dathel tried to find what exactly his adopted son would be best at. Eventually, he settled upon teaching his son the basics of being a Swordmage during their travels together. When it became apparent that his son would be better served learning in an institution, Dathel called in a number of favors that he had earned over the years and reserved a place for Namith at Kallist Academy, so named for its Swordmage founder.

Namith did well in his school years. Starting at the age of fourteen, he began his training in earnest as a Shielding Swordmage. Throughout his study, he became stronger in both mind and body, supassing many of his classmates with his natual tallent for the Arcane. By the time he was twenty-two, Namith was one of the leading Swordmages in Kallist academy and had earned a spot among the Academy’s guard. Along with his position, he had also attracted the attention of a certain female Wizard from House Vol.

Namith was new to the ways of love, but Lattice Vol quickly made herself at home in his heart. The Wizardess may have been crazy and slightly demanding, but she was also passionate and loving when it came to Namith. That their courtship would have only lasted eight months was a testament to her ferocity and desire for the Swordmage, and his own ability to endure her more insane experiments. Unfortunately, there was no happy ending for Namith and Lattice, as this is where our tale turns dark.

House Vol was known for its hunger for power and immortality, going to extreme lenghts to gain one, the other, or both if possible. So when they were invited to send a daughter to marry into a cruel but powerful line of Warlocks, they immediately chose their most wayward daughter to offer up for marriage. When the demand for her return came, Lattice flatly refused.

In response, House Vol sent a force of Undead to assault Kallist Academy. In the midst of the fighting, Lady Vol stole into the academy and kidnapped her own daughter, spiriting her away. Namith, who had been guarding the front gate, happened to witness the two leaving the premises and gave chase. Close behind him were several elders of the Academy, who had all sensed the dark power Lady Vol possesed.

When Namith finally caught up with Lady Vol, she was already half-way through exacting a sick and twisted revenge upon her own daughter with the aid of her vampiric husband. Their daughter, dead and pinned to the ground by a spear through her heart, was already being prepared for the ritualistic Lich transformation that Lord and Lady Vol had been readying. In a haze of rage, Namith drove his sword through the chest of Lord Vol to little effect. Lacking Divine enchantments, his blade did little against the Vampire Lord, who took the spear from his daughter’s chest and planed it into Namith’s. Though it barely missed his heart, the wound soundly knocked Namith out of the fight. His luck held for a moment though, as the elders of the Academy finally arrived and began slinging spells at the two undead.

Though they were already half-way through the ritual, Lord and Lady Vol were forced to retreat under the arcane onslaught. Namith’s wound, while grave, was healable. Lattice’s, however, were already tained beyond repair. To raise her from the dead would make her a half-Lich abombination, empty in soul and mind, and so the elders burned her corpse after Namith had said his goodbyes.

Dispondent and vengeful, Namith left the Academy and began traveling the world in seach of House Vol, keeping his intentions a secret but growing stronger with each passing month. Two years passed before Namith found himself studying in Deluce and aiding the Eladrin Warlord Beseath. The two became as close as brothers in their time together, and the crippled Dragonborn Warlord Heskan mentored both of them to the best of his ability. When the time came to part, Beseath swore to help his human friend defeat House Vol. Namith was greatful for the support, promising to call upon him when he found his enemies. Promises exchanged, Namith headed North, hoping to find more information on House Vol and their operations. Instead, he found companionship in the Long Odds Limited adventuring company, which he was a part of until his himself was kidnapped by an unknown Assassin…

Namith Crodale

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