That crazy Wizard at the Wall whom everyone avoids. Speaks in a German accent.


Class: Wizard

Alignment: Good

Deity: Corellon

HP: 57

Surges: 6

  • Speed: 6
  • Initiative: +10
  • Perception: +9
  • Insight: +9
  • STR: 8
  • CON: 11
  • DEX: 13
  • INT: 20
  • WIS: 18
  • CHA: 10

Weapons: Staff of Missile Mastery +2, Orb of Ultimate Imposition +2

Armor: Magic Drowmesh +3, Frostwolf Pelt +2

Magic Items: Bag of Holding


While it is commonly known that Wizards are – as a matter of course – crazy, Sigfreud has taken his craziness to an almost legendary level. From brewing violently unstable but reportedly delicious concoctions in his spare time to forging a magical bed that is made of water yet supports his weight without him ever becoming wet, his renoun as a madman and inventor has spread far and wide.

In his life before the Wall, Sigfreud was a small town Wizard who enjoyed tormenting local herds of cattle and sheep with his lightning spells. When he was thrust into the spotlight as one of the few capable of dealing with the Kobold threat, Sigfreud became a tiny bit saner from the exposure to violence; something that he has become quite commmitted to ending.

His current work on the Wall is mainly the creation of Magic items, which he has become incredibly skilled at. Experimenting with different forms of metal, including trying to replicate the metal that his companion Bartholomew is made out of, Sigfreud has helped the Wall improve its weapons and armor in preparation for the coming Orc invasion…


Long Odds Limited Guardian