Caewen Earyende

Half-Elf Cleric


Caewen is a half elf who grew up in a mainly half elf community close to the Black Wall. She was chosen to be an elite fighter for her community, and relished the task. Unfortunately the choice was highly controversial, as only one elite fighter could be chosen each year and there had never been a chosen female. To end the controversy another fighter was chosen, a male, that same year.

Though Caewen didn’t mind this at first, she soon learned that the new fighter was competitive and ruthless, doing anything he could to make himself look better, even if it hurt the community. The final blow came when the community was raided by goblins and orcs from north of the wall. The male fighter incapacitated Caewen before the battle could even begin, and took all the glory for himself.

Humiliated Caewen left the community where she had lived all her life to prove herself as the true fighter. She soon found a group of up and coming adventurers, Long Odds Limited, and joined the group immediately.

Currently South of the Wall, she is still a member, and enjoying the notoriety the group gives her.

Caewen Earyende

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